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Groton Long Point

Since the early 1900’s, Groton Long Point, Connecticut has been an independent borough of the city of Groton. Located on the coast of Connecticut, the “Point” is a peninsula surrounded by Fisher’s Island Sound, Long Island Sound, Palmer’s Cove, and Mumford Cove. It boasts of several beaches, each distinctly different from the other, inner lagoons, and a lovely “Venetian Harbor.” The harbor itself is one of the best protected on the East Coast-providing dockage and shelter for boats of all types and sizes.

In addition, there is a nature area and acres of environmentally protected salt-water marshes overflowing with fauna and birds indigenous to the locale.

At Groton Long Point, a property owner has a direct voice in the local government.    There is 24-hour police protection, a volunteer fire department, school bussing, and E.M.T. assistance. Peaceful residency is the mode and, once on the “Point,” commercialism and confusion are absent.

For those who would be interested, there is a Yacht Club. Membership in the Club provides summertime sports lessons, dances, and many other outlets for adults and children of all ages.

And…    Situated in this private, quiet beach community are about 600 lovely homes.

A “stone’s throw” from Mystic, Noank Village, New London, and Groton, the houses and location cannot be equaled.

Treat yourself to times of pleasure with a great home at the shore!

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